10 DIY Baffling Christmas Decorations

We gathered ten ideas how to decorate your home for Christmas using every day objects.

For example one can use plastic cups and and bottle cups to make a snowman! These and other ideas can bring you joy and fun making your Christmas very special. Take a look and start creating unforgettable decorations.

1.Wonderful DIY Fun Snowman From Plastic Cups

Source: Colorcitos

2. Bottle Cap Snowman Ornaments

Source: Amy Latta Creations

3. Christmas Card Holder

Source: Jenna Burger

4.Stemware Snow Globes

Source: Cfabbri Designs

5. Ruffled Tree Skirt

Source: The Crafted Sparrow

6. Mounted Reindeer

Source: Chronicle Books

7. Oh Christmas Tree Hoop Art

Source: 52 Mantels

8. Burlap Garland

Source: Life In High Cotton

9. Duct Tape Holiday Decor

Source: A Little Craft In Your Day

10. Simple Globe Wreath

Source: Postris

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