10 DIY Gorgeous Christmas Lanterns

Let’s make this Christmas happier and more shiny. One can learn quickly how to do this.

Just make a simple DIY Christmas Lantern. Down below you’ll find out how to do this in a simple way.

1. Simple DIY Christmas Lantern Decoration

Source: Practically Functional

2. Rustic Luxe Christmas Lantern

Source: Worthing Courtblog

3. DIY Silhouette Lantern

Source: Look-What-I-Made

4. Frosty Mason Jar Lanterns

Source: Stonegable Blog

5. DIY Christmas Star Lantern of Paper

Source: My Shabby Soul

6. DIY Holiday Lantern With Paper Men Garlands

Source: Hand Made Charlotte

7. DIY Firefly Mason Jar Lantern

Source: Madin Crafts

8. DIY Tall Wooden Lantern With Decor

Source: Wood Shop Diaries

9. DIY Christmas Lantern With Various Decor on Top

Source: Big Bear’s Wife

10. DIY Colorful and Decorated Christmas Lantern

Source: The Organised Housewife

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