10 DIY Magnificent Christmas Tree Decorations

Do you want to decorate a Christmas Tree in a very special way? Why not? Let’s play with every day materials to create a unique decorations. One can use newspaper or wood to make a simple and cute dressing. Handmade decoration can be a very good opportunity to make this Christmas and Christmas Tree different than the other.

1.Colourful Christmas Baubles

Source: Prima

2. Scrap Ribbon Trees

Source:Fire Flies and Mudpies

3. Paper Christmas Baubles

Source: By Stephanie Lynn

4. DIY Botanical Ornament

Source: The Crafted Life

5. Papier Maché Christmas Tree Baubles

Source: Craft and Creativity

6. Bleached Pinecones Ornaments

Source: Stone Gable Blog

7.Hand Print Snowmen Tree Decorations

Source: Eighteen 25

8.Rustic Wooden Nativity Ornament

Source: Shaken Together Life

9. Book Page Christmas Ornament

Source: The Crafted Sparrow

10. Twig Christmas Trees

Source: Michele Made Me

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