10 Free Pikachu Crochet Patterns

Free Pikachu Crochet Patterns

10 Free Pikachu Crochet Patterns

Pikachu is one of the most recognizable pokémon, mainly due to the fact that it is a central character in the anime series. We introduce you 10 different free pikachu crochet patterns of wchich you can choose the prettiest for you.

1. Pikachu from Wolfdreamorth

Pikachu from Wolfdreamorth

Tutorial via Wolfdreameroth

2. Pikachu from BizzyCrochet

Pikachu from BizzyCrochet

Tutorial via BizzyCrochet

3. Pikachu from AmigurumiID

Pikachu from AmigurumiID

Tutorial via AmigurumiID

4. Pikachu from StringsAway

Pikachu from StringsAway

Tutorial via StringsAway

5. Pikachu from SirPurlGrey

Pikachu from SirPurlGrey

Tutorial via SirPurlGrey

6. Pikachu from Melichrous

Pikachu from Melichrous

Tutorial via Melichrous

7. Pikachu from 53Stitches

Pikachu from 53Stitches

Tutorial via 53Stitches

8. Pikachu from AmiAmour

Pikachu from AmiAmour

Tutorial via AmiAmour

9. Pikachu from CraftSauce

Pikachu from CraftSauce

Tutorial via CraftSauce

10. Pikachu from QueenieChan

Pikachu from QueenieChan

Tutorial via QueenieChan

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