14 Cheap & Easy DIY Greenhouse Projects

14 Cheap & Easy DIY Greenhouse Projects

Grow plants in a greenhouse can anyone, even an amateur gardener. We need only commitment and patience, because even in the greenhouse for fruitful harvest you have to wait. Greenhouse allows for ecological cultivation of plants, which directly affects on the taste and quality of vegetables. If we can not afford on a ready-made greenhouse then we can build it on our own.

We want to introduce you a list of greenhouse projects which you can DIY.

1. DIY Easy 5 X 5 Home Greenhouse for Under $25

DIY Easy 5 X 5 Home Greenhouse for Under $25

Tutorial via Instructables

2. DIY Greenhouse Design

DIY Greenhouse Design

Tutorial via Survivalist Prepper

3. DIY Barn-Style Greenhouse

DIY Barn-Style Greenhouse

Tutorial via Ana White

4. DIY A Geodome Greenhouse

DIY A Geodome Greenhouse

Tutorial via Northern Homestead

5. DIY Mini Greenhouse

DIY Mini Greenhouse

Tutorial via Black+Decker

6. DIY Greenhouse Made of Hula-Hoops

DIY Greenhouse Made of Hula-Hoops

Tutorial via Little Things

7. DIY Covered Greenhouse

DIY Covered Greenhouse

Tutorial via Apartment Therapy

8. An Eco-Chic DIY Greenhouse

An Eco-Chic DIY Greenhouse

Tutorial via The Nest

9. DIY Small Greenhouse

DIY Small Greenhouse

Tutorial via Bunnings

10. The Original $50 DIY Greenhouse

The Original $50 DIY Greenhouse

Tutorial via Saw & Dipity

11. DIY Greenhouse For Less Than $100

DIY Greenhouse For Less Than $100

Tutorial via Fabulessly Frugal

12. DIY Backyard Greenhouse

DIY Backyard Greenhouse

Tutorial via Today’s Homeowner

13. DIY Greenhouse From PVC Pipe

DIY Greenhouse From PVC Pipe

Tutorial at PVC Plans

14. DIY Simple Greenhouse

DIY Simple Greenhouse

Tutorial via One Hundred Dollars a Month

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